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Some Of The Companies Who Have Worked With Brian

Your vision for business and life is too important to stay stuck for any period of time.

You deserve an experienced coach with decades of wisdom who knows exactly how to help you get where you want to be!

“People say I care too much about my clients and their success, but I just can’t help myself. I know what it’s like to run your own successful business, hit roadblocks and have self-imposed ceilings you find hard to breakthrough. That’s why I started coaching over 25 years ago. I wanted to help business owners find ways to remove the ceilings that stop their growth, experience increased profits and start to have the freedom to enjoy life”

Brian Maguire

What People Say

My coaching experience with Brian is exactly what I'd been hoping for in a coach. I just wish I had known about him earlier.


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Chris Baxter

Baxter IP

Brian was a gift at such a critical time for us. We needed clarity at a time where there were so many different ways we could go.


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Daniel Flynn

thank you

Working with Brian changes lives, open doors and gives you the chance to be a better you.  It's makes you look at the bigger picture to make better decisions that give better outcomes.


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David Thomas


I have been using the services of Brian Maguire of Absolute Clarity and this has made a huge impact - a vast improvement -  on the both the bottom line and the general direction of my business. 


Helen Garland

My Time To Shine

I've got one of the greatest champions in my corner! I regularly quote his wisdom now even years after he would have shared advice with me.


Henry Smith 

Taste Creative - 10 Years of Stories. 

I would like to take the opportunity to thank you for helping to shape the leader that I am today. 


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Nic Shortis

Fresenius Kabi

Brian is an exceptionally talented coach; patient & empathetic with deep wisdom, and a unique gift in helping professionals reframe their thinking. 


Tara Commerford

GoDaddy - AU/NZ

Brian and I started working together a little while ago and when I started these sessions I honestly felt like I could breathe for the first time in a long time.


Bernie Rees

Elevate Wellness Hub

I really appreciate how Brian has helped me through a difficult journey, he has been completely different to other business coaches who I have interacted with because he is really for me and that has been absolutely awesome. So I really highly recommend that you have a coffee with him, see if you connect and use his services.


Scott Kay

Integrity Plus Accounting

Services We Provide

What a good move you’ve made to look at stepping out on this coaching journey.

This is going to be one of the best moves you have made for you and your business.

Assessments are a very useful tool in your business toolbox.

To grow a business successfully you will build a team around you.

Communicating is what we do most after breathing, yet in all my years I have found that communicating is at the root of most business challenges.

AbsoluteClarityExpress is a high-intensity quick-start to the Absolute Clarity Coaching Program. 

With AbsoluteClarityExpress, we will dig deep into all areas of your business and your motivations over a four to five week period. 

Develop systems and processes that give you the freedom to make your business more streamlined and profitable.

You’ll feel the confidence that comes with clear direction and understanding.

What you thought was impossible becomes possible.

You become optimistic with a strong positive mindset.

You’ll hire the right people.

Have more time to do the things you love.

Make more profit and charge what you are worth.

Take these 3 simple steps to increased profits and more freedom

Schedule a call

We discuss your business and come up with a plan that will help you have the increased profits and time freedom you deserve.

Implement the plan

The plan is put into action, we connect a minimum of twice per month and make adjustments as needed.

Success and freedom become real

You get the results you want and start having the life you have been working so hard for.

Absolute Clarity - Hire well Fire well

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You don’t want to continue building a business that sucks your emotional energy & time. You’re meant to love what you do not dread it!

It’s time to feel energised and full of vision for your business again!