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Does your business or professional life provide you with success?, fulfillment?, enjoyment?, challenge?, growth?, satisfaction?, good work-life balance?




Are you generating the Cash-Flow And the Free Time to enjoy it? Do you have the time and the resources to take your family on great holidays – to ski, sail, fish, explore or just lie back and relax…?

Would You Like To? If So, then Read On!

Hi, my name is Brian Maguire and I set up Absolute Clarity in 2001 to help Entrepreneurs , Business-Owners and Professionals get better answers to the above questions.

It has always been a great source of frustration to me that the people who take the risks, who step out, step up, and achieve success so often do not enjoy the full rewards of that success. It should not be the case! And, like Professor Sumner, I asked myself – Why is this so?

The answer to That question led to Absolute Clarity Coaching. I have found that when people get Absolutely Clear on what they want from life; and Absolutely Clear on the vehicle they are using to achieve that; and Absolutely Clear on how to optimise the results from that vehicle, then the quality and quantity of results they start to get improve greatly.

That is my Passion! And all of my talents and abilities are dedicated to helping as many people as possible benefit from having Absolute Clarity in all areas of their lives.

Our Services

  • Absolute Clarity® Coaching: One-on-One coaching at our offices in Brookvale, at your office or wherever the best coffee is served.
  • Clarity in the Boardroom™ – This is a unique coaching model for business-owners. Meet monthly for 2 hours with a group of like-minded business-owners in a supportive environment for a Performance Review Board Meeting along with a one-on-one coaching session in between. Total Support! Total Encouragement! Total Accountability!
  • Team Coaching – Gone are the days of the ‘Training session’ – today the people on your team are looking for development – not teaching; they want to be engaged in the process, to be inspired by great leadership and to be challenged through interactive learning. We work with teams to improve effectiveness using a coaching model rather than a teaching one.

What can you expect from Absolute Clarity® Coaching?

  • To be challenged to believe that you are capable of delivering better results
  • To be supported on the journey to achieving those greater results
  • Validation, affirmation and encouragement along with honest and open feedback
  • Access to all of the resources and experience from over 40 years of study, books, tapes, seminars and the gathered lessons from over 30 years of experience in large corporate, medium and small business – the things you learn from having a go and making mistakes and having another go etc etc etc
  • A supportive and safe environment where you and what you want are the most important items on the agenda.

What Now?

The next step is for you to call me direct, Brian Maguire, on +61 408 277 773   and arrange a catch-up over coffee to discuss what you want for your business and your life and to see whether we can work together to make that happen for you. I look forward to your call.

Brian Maguire B.Comm FCA

0408 277 773