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What a good move you’ve made to look at stepping out on this coaching journey, allow me to be your business mentor.

This is going to be one of the best moves you have made for you and your business.

You know you have a vision for your business and your life and you want to accelerate your progress in that direction.

I will be with you all the way and all the resources available to me are at your disposal and are part of the program. As your business mentor I will support you, encourage you, challenge you and believe in you.

As your business mentor, I want you to know you are doing better than you think

The first thing I want to show you is that you are doing better than you think you are and you are closer to your goals than you may think. I get amazed at how hard we can be on ourselves and time and time again people find out just that – they are doing better and are closer to their goals than they think.

We will start completing some assessments and some questionnaires to get clarity on where you are at right now, to help you get clear on what your operating style is and get a sense of your key strengths.

This journey is a conversation with purpose.

Together, we will have a close look at your business and get absolutely clear on where it is at, right now. It doesn’t matter so much what state that is, it is a starting point.

Remember, you are doing better than may think and the goal is closer than you may think.

Together, we will also look at your mindsets, your beliefs about yourself. They have much more impact on your business than you realise.

My great Mentor JïmRohn  said – “Work more on yourself than on your business and your business will grow…


Step-by-Step Consistently – That is the  Key

The key is one step at a time. From our review of your current position, we will identify what the first steps are for each aspect of your business and put in place action plans to achieve those steps.

That is why first steps are so important. Every step we take gives us a new perspective and before long the view opens up and we find that our goal was not öut of sight, just around the corner.

You will find this step by step process is possible, and encouraging. Your confidence and your belief in yourself and what is possible will grow.

Meet Regularly to Track Progress

We will meet face-to-face, by zoom or phone regularly and use simple action plans to track progress.

The secret to this step by step process is that you get results and start to develop Momentum.


Momentum – the Secret Sauce

Momentum is the secret sauce. I use the example that many salespeople use. I have a friend who reckoned that it took 5 sales calls to make a sale. For him every sale was worth around $7,500. So everytime he made a call he wrote himself a paper cheque for $1,500. Seems strange but itworked for him. His secret - EVERY CALL was worth money to him because every call got him closer to a sale.

It is the same with our business. EVERY step we take is valuable, nothing is wasted, EVEN the steps that don’t work. And every step adds up and we start to generate momentum. Then its like a switch gets flicked and things start to happen and results start to flow.Ýou get better results across all areas of your business with much less effort than before.

Your confidence grows; you charge what you are really worth; your conversion rate rises; you get less knockbacks. You recover the joy in your business, you set bigger goals and your belief in yourself and what is possible soars.

Support Available All the Way

As you make progress towards your goals challenges will come up – that is part of the process. That’s where I am with you all the way – a number to call to ask any questions you want and to bring up any challenges. I have 40 years of experience. I also have access to hundreds of years of knowledge and wisdom available to you from my networks.


Celebrate the Little Victories

Along the journey it will be important to celebrate the small victories. Your big goals are often years away and if you don’t stop to mark the progress you can get exhausted and discouraged. So we plan in rewards and celebration points to stay motivated and energised for the whole journey.


There is so much more to this process. Give me a call and we can set out how this will work for you and open the door to greater possibilities.

I look forward to meeting you.



Take these 3 simple steps to increased profits and more freedom by getting a business mentor

Schedule a call

We discuss your business and come up with a plan that will help you have the increased profits and time freedom you deserve.

Implement the plan

The plan is put into action, we connect a minimum of twice per month and make adjustments as needed.

Success and freedom become real

You get the results you want and start having the life you have been working so hard for.

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