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Best Business Executive Coaching Experience

My coaching experience with Brian is exactly what I'd been hoping for in a coach. I just wish I had known about him earlier. His unique combination of skills & experience in leadership, psychology, business and finance together with a vast array of wise one-liners perfectly placed in discussions mean his advice always hits home. He calls his consultancy absolute clarity - an apt description in my experience. Highly recommend working with Brian

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Chris Baxter

Baxter IP

Brian was a gift at such a critical time for us. We needed clarity at a time where there were so many different ways we could go. Sometimes as leaders we can get stuck in our own head but to have someone to help refine and challenge your thinking at a critical time is worth more than you can put a price on. Thank you Brian

Daniel Flynn

thank you

I was fine. I had everything I wanted and I knew my job intimately. I was right where I thought I should be. I often thought why can't others think like me and be as good as me?

That was pre Brian, (the dark ages)

In 18 months with Brian I have increased my personal practitioner volume by 40% but also established a better work life balance. I have better relationships with the key people in my life. I seek to understand in order to be understood. I get curious before making decisions and I try not to criticize condemn or complain about others. I now know what I don't know and spend the new found time in my life to invest in gaining the knowledge to fill the gaps.  After all your level of income will never exceed your level of personal development.

Working with Brian changes lives, open doors and gives you the chance to be a better you.  It's makes you look at the bigger picture to make better decisions that give better outcomes.

If don't think you need Brian in your life, then the answer is you are probably the person who needs him the most.

David Thomas


I would like to take the opportunity to thank you for helping to shape the leader that I am today. You have listened, coached, supported and advised me for over 7 years through good times and challenging times and I can say with commitment that I am a better person and a better leader because of the time you have put into me.

Reflecting on the past is one area you have taught me to do and I look back at my development and feel proud of what I have achieved. Looking to the future, I know that I have a solid foundation and again would like to say thanks for providing me with this.

As I enter into a new phase in my personal life and career journey, I look forward to staying in touch and keeping our connection alive.

Nic Shortis

Fresenius Kabi

I have been using the services of Brian Maguire of Absolute Clarity and this has made a huge impact - a vast improvement -  on the both the bottom line and the general direction of my business. He has guided me in developing a vision for my business, helped me set goals and put my aspirations on paper, helped me manage the “inner voice” that makes me feel guilty for not working at weekends, encouraged me to celebrate success and reward myself; and most importantly he has assisted me in the (work in progress!) transformation from an employee to being a self employed person; balancing my life style and business.

At each stage of my development Brian has provided a flexible agenda, that has been appropriate to my business at that time; guiding me through periods of growth, slow periods, long term planning, periods of self-doubt and ultimately in learning to manage myself as a self employed person. His approach throughout this process has been one of a supportive and uncritical sounding board whose “balanced lifestyle” approach underpins all his guidance. He is the one person who knows my business as well as I do, and who I feel I can be 100% honest with. I can discuss how I am feeling, what I have and have not done and how I see things progressing; and in return I’ll get back honest, supportive feedback and practical input into setting direction or getting back on track; whatever is needed. He has a pertinent quote for every occasion and it seems personal insight into every stage of business development; dilemma or success.

As a self-employed person in the first year of my business Brian’s support and practical advice has been invaluable to my business and I would highly recommend his services to anyone that feels they need some external input, or just simply clarity in how and why they are running their business.

Helen Garland

My Time To Shine

5 minutes into meeting Brian I knew he was great. And now 7 years later (7? wow!) here we are 🙂

I've got one of the greatest champions in my corner! I regularly quote his wisdom now even years after he would have shared advice with me.

I usually say the same thing to a business in need... "You need Brian!"

If a company is struggling with personnel issues or the leadership needs 1 on 1 mentoring, I am quick to put Brian’s name forward. He has got the perfect branding - I tell people that Brian will help you to find the absolute clarity in every situation.

Henry Smith 

Taste Creative - 10 Years of Stories. 

Brian is an exceptionally talented coach; patient & empathetic with deep wisdom, and a unique gift in helping professionals reframe their thinking. He is strategic and thoughtful with his insights, guidance and advice. Brian has played a pivotal role in my career, and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him for coaching individual clients and organisations.

Tara Commerford (CEO/NED)

Godaddy - AU/NZ

Brian and I started working together a little while ago and when I started these sessions I honestly felt like I could breathe for the first time in a long time.

Being a business owner can be really lonely sometimes and it’s so nice to have someone that understands business and is willing to hear me. Brian challenged my thinking, encouraged me and helped me see a different way of running my business that I now feel so happy to go to everyday.

My finances are in the best shape they have ever been because we set measurable goals and I know that if I ever have dips again in the practical things or with my thinking I can reach out and jump back in. My training wheels have come off and I am really enjoying implementing all the systems we put in place.

One of my clients referred me to Brian because she had success with coaching and I am so glad she did. I have had a few coaches in the past and felt like it was all smoke and mirrors, but Brian is so authentic and really lives what he preaches so it was really refreshing! Thank you Brian for all your help!

I look forward to version 2.0 of our coaching!

Bernie Rees

Elevate Wellness Hub

Hi this is Scott Kay from Integrity Plus Accounting and Brian Maguire is an amazing man.

He has really helped me take off the Roadblocks that were holding me back from SUCCESS and also work through that in a way that means I'm much more PUMPED about attacking work everyday.

Brian isn't someone who only looks at the thought process he is also someone who understands BUSINESS intimately and the inputs and outputs and also having an ACCOUNTING background means he can see how business works and how it is best run and managed, but more important than that, is the MINDSET. Brian will help you realise what is holding you back or what you are negatively projecting.

It is very hard to run a marathon with a 10kg bag, Brian will help you take off the bag, get support where you need it so that you can succeed, and be the guy to support you through the next steps.

I really appreciate how Brian has helped me through a difficult journey, he has been completely different to other business coaches who I have interacted with because he is really for me and that has been absolutely awesome. So I really highly recommend that you have a coffee with him, see if you connect and use his services.

Scott Kay

Integrity Plus Accounting

Five years ago as a single Mum and while working as an Admin Assistant  I looked upon my retirement years with fear and trepidation. I had no idea of how I was going to get myself to a point of being financially independent while only earning $19.90 per hour!

It was then that I decided to take the plunge and purchased a Franchise business. The business I took on had been going for 5 years and I was the 3rd owner. Both the business and the employees I inherited were only functioning to the barest minimum.

The first two years were a tremendous struggle and a huge learning curve and I had many times when I wondered ‘just what was I thinking’! Running a business and keeping it viable was one thing but dealing with staff was another and not an area I excelled at, let alone getting a grip on all the Admin.  To add to my woes the Shopping Centre I was in underwent a major refurbishment and this caused many disruptions over an 18 month period.

I soon realised that I didn’t have to struggle alone and that it would be much better to have someone by my side. I have now been working with Brian Maguire at Absolute Clarity for several years and over that time Brian has been there to support and guide me along the way. Brian has been unconditional and non-judgemental in his guidance and has always been generous with his time and support.  No issue ever seemed too big or too small, and step by step I have handled these issues. With Brian’s ongoing support and guidance I have pushed forward and turned the business around.

I have always thought that how I run my life is how I run my business and in the process of doing this I have also healed and improved many areas of my personal life.

I now own two successful Franchise Businesses with my eye out for a 3rd and last year was awarded “Most Improved” at our annual Franchise Conference. I am confident in myself and the way my businesses operate and I have happy and productive employees.

I am still meeting regularly with Brian as there is always something to be ‘tweaked’ and I look forward to the next phase with delight!

Kathy Robinson

Just Cuts

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