What People Say


In the first month of working with Brian Maguire and Absolute Clarity and as a result of the Absolute Clarity Process, I increased our annual sales turnover by 15%”. Since then, at virtually every meeting I get insights that allow me to grow my business more

Investment & Funds Management Business

“Working with Brian is inspirational, rewarding and profitable. It is one of the best business investments I have ever made”


“If it were not for Brian Maguire and the absolute clarity he has given me, I would have walked away from the business. I could not have achieved what has been achieved without Brian’s help, support and encouragement.

Building Industry Services

“I know that the time I spend with Absolute Clarity and Brian has helped me to identify and implement changes to my operating style and I have seen amazing changes and growth as a result”


“Thanks to Brian and the Absolute Clarity Process, the company is back under my control and I have made the changes to set it on a course for a profitable future. There is no way I would have achieved this without Brian’s help. Take him as your coach before the queue grows too long”

Building Materials Manufacturer

His approach through out this process has been one of a supportive and uncritical sounding board whose “balanced lifestyle” approach underpins all his guidance. He is the one person who knows my business as well as I do, and who I feel I can be 100% honest with. I can discuss how I am feeling, what I have and have not done and how I see things progressing; and in return I’ll get back honest, supportive feedback and practical input into setting direction or getting back on track; whatever is needed.

Recruitment Company Owner

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Testimonials – as a Professional Speaker

“Probably for the first time ever, I have got a clear picture of the year ahead. Brian’s energy and passion shine through – it is clear that he cares about business-owners and we got his best today!”

Lina Tremain, Chiropractor

“More than any other workshop I have done, it has gotten me into action. I have already set up my diary for next month and it is already making a big difference”.

Bez Iranzedi, Scorpex Pest Control

“Great day! Got me thinking. Forced me to spend the time to think and question.”

Keith Ferrugia, Forest Chiropractic

“Good work Brian. You always Deliver!”

Mark Creighton,

“Brian has the uncanny ability to challenge your current thinking and situation, so that you can easily see a way forward towards A more successful business”

Mark Wayland, The Last Three Feet.`