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Assessments are a crucial part of business coaching. They are a very useful tool in your toolbox.

To grow a business successfully you will build a team around you.

Understanding people is key to this.

In my many years of business coaching, I find assessments a powerful way of increasing your understanding of people, what motivates them, what their operating style is; how are they likely to respond or react to different situations.

Individual Assessments  are valuable at all stages;

·       At Recruitment for understanding and comparison;

·       In identifying needs as people develop and grow;

·       In selection for promotion;

Why Team Assessments Are Important in Business Coaching

Team Assessments are a powerful way to identify strengths and weaknesses in teams and how they operate.

Team Workshops can be very effective to bring teams together, to improve communications and address tensions and conflict.

There are many different types of assessments for different situations. Book a call today to discuss how assessments can help you grow your business and enhance individual and team performance.


We Use DISC; Clifton StrengthsFinder and Meyers Briggs along with other assessments to meet the needs of your particular situation.

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