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Communicating is what we do most after breathing, yet in all my years as a business coach in Sydney, I have found that communicating is at the root of most business challenges.

I have a client in the construction business and it hit me one day that they were really in the communication business, because virtually all the challenges that came up on a daily and weekly basis were as a result of miscommunication.

“But you said..”

”But I Thought…”

“When I said that, I really meant…”

The list goes on…

Take a workshop with a Trusted business coach in Sydney

As a business coach in Sydney, I have developed a very powerful half-day workshop that has a huge impact on the quality and standard of communications in your teams, with your customers and suppliers.

Learn how to ask great questions

Learn how to listen powerfully

Learn how to follow-up for great results


Call me today to discuss how we can transform the quality of communication in your business or organisation.


Why Is Communication Important in Business?

Every business owner needs to communicate effectively. It helps build a strong working relationship with your employees, which will improve efficiency and morale. 

Communication also dramatically affects your ability to seal a deal or lose it out. Communication allows you to explain company policies and answer the customers' questions about products or services. Negotiations are impossible without communication.

Why Do I Need to Take This Workshop?

Miscommunication happens because of several barriers. The following are examples:

  - Inattentiveness

  - Noise

  - Time constraints

  - Personal interpretations

  - Mood

  - Language differences

  - Organisation structure complexity

  - Contradicting information

  - Poor retention

You can solve some of these communication barriers quickly. For example, you can get rid of the noise or hire an interpreter to resolve the language barrier. 

However, you cannot eliminate some of these barriers yourself without a corporate coach who can help you. Working with a coach can assess your abilities and teach you the proper way how to communicate effectively.

For example, you need help learning to keep your clients or customers engaged with what you're saying. You also want to learn how to communicate your message clearly to your staff and customers to avoid miscommunication. 

Why Absolute Clarity?

We understand that you prefer an expert to coach you, someone who has proven results and experience. 

Brian Maguire is a business coach in Australia who has worked with some of Australia's top entrepreneurs. When it comes to experience and expertise, you can trust that he can help you. 

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